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admired staff members, Babar Butt, for your MBA program. Babar is a focused, creative problem solver who communicates well with colleagues and customers. We appreciate Babar at Bismil Inc. For his ability to anticipate the needs of customers, organize sales, and motivate staff members.

Bismil Inc. is one of the largest authorized retailers for T-mobile. As a manager for three Bismil Inc. stores, Babar has doubled monthly revenues, and contributed to the overall success of T-mobile in the region.

One of Babar's greatest strengths as a store manager is his ability to quickly internalize characteristics of new product lines, and to anticipate customers' needs. He then articulates product selling points and trains his team to present the products in exciting ways. He also shows unusual intuition of various markets, and a seemingly infinite amount of creative ideas.

As a business planner, Babar's attention to detail is impeccable, and his organization skills admirable. He consistently impresses the staff with new ways to organize sales and present products. He leads sales staff through presentation simulations, helping them to gain confidence and present products accurately, while focusing on advantages. Babar's methods have also positively influenced other Bismil Inc. locations, as they observe his success and ask for advice.

Babar's colleagues describe him as inspirational.
He has a unique ability to bring out the best in his staff members, and to play up their strengths as he helps them grow. He has also been able to motivate staff members who were previously not working to potential, and to raise expectations for professionalism and integrity. Babar helps his sales staff to interact effectively so that they can work as a well-oiled machine even when the store is full of customers.

Babar possesses a winning combination of people skills and business planning. He is equally proficient at managing people as he is at project planning and implementation. However, although his management skills are highly developed, I know that he will gain from participating in an MBA program. He is always eager to learn more about the company and he is open to different perspectives.

I offer my highest recommendation of this hard-working professional; I have no doubt that Babar Butt will be a successful MBA student, and that he will contribute positively to your program.


District Manager

To whom it may concern,

Babar Butt is one of the most energetic, focused, and inspirational professionals that I have worked with and I am excited to recommend him for your MBA program. Babar is amazingly creative,….....

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