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Now, both my high-paying job and my dream career had been stripped away from me. I had nothing left of earthly value. But I still had my faith.

My Christian faith carried me through these disappointments and brought me the strength to use my experiences and learn from them, rather than letting them crush me. Through my faith, I have developed the personal and spiritual resilience I believe will be required to make a success of the Master of Dispute Resolution degree offered by Pepperdine University. One thing I appreciate most about the program I am applying for is the opportunity to enter an environment where Christian values are a recognized and desired value.

My faith has always been extremely important to me, even since childhood. Although the corporate and culinary school environments were no particularly conducive to openly live according to the Christian way of thought and belief, I nonetheless made the choice to demonstrate my Christian values by the way in which I did my work and interacted with others. This way of life is second nature to me, and I believe it will serve me well in the Pepperdine environment as well. I also look forward, however, to having an environment in which I can more openly display and discuss my devotion to Christ.

Indeed, I has always been my desire to serve God. I learned these values during my childhood years in Catholic school. We learned about the love of God for humanity, the value of a life in Christ, and the joy of serving others, especially when they are in need. I hope to use these principles in contributing to and serving my fellow human beings by means of the faith-based opportunities Pepperdine offers.
With the painful experiences I had regarding my work and my dreams, I feel myself drawn ever closer to the Church and my faith. These have never disappointed me; my faith has always been my solid rock, keeping me safe within the storms of life. I hope that I can use my experiences in service to those I will meet during my experience at Pepperdine. I hope to find a home here where I can combine my work ethic, passion, and academic prowess with the peace and love I have found and attempt to project to others through my faith.

In conclusion, although I have lost a job that secured me financially and I lost a dream I believed would fulfill me for life, my faith in Christ has carried me through. If accepted as a student pursuing a Master's degree in Conflict Management, it is my intention to use my experiences, however painful, to gain success in the program, contribute to the service opportunities offered by Pepperdine University, and most importantly, to make every day a faith-based day. In the end, I am grateful for the path that brought me to this point, where a new opportunity beckons and I am able to use what I have learned. This, after all, is the purpose of life and growth, to learn and ultimately achieve growth….....

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