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Communication and Sales Effect

Coke wanted a campaign that would encourage consumers to connect with the brand on an online and offline platform. The soft drink market had also become so competitive hence there was need to establish a brand connection with customers. The Coca Cola company had a successful advertising campaign dabbed as share a coke. Promotion involves the communication of information between a seller and a potential buyer or other people in the channel in order to influence their attitudes and behavior. Promotion requires effective communication in order for it to be effective. There are instances where a promotion message can not be heard at all or even not understood. There are various promotion methods that can be used such as personal selling, mass selling with advertising as the main form of mass selling, sales promotion, publicity and so on. A marketing manager in any organization has to ensure that they set priorities when it comes to the promotion objectives. The promotional objectives are an important indicator which the marketing managers within an organization use when choosing the promotional tool they will use (Perreault, Cannon, & Mccarthy, 2010)

There are various reasons why the share a coke campaign was successful. The first reason is the advertising objectives. Each advertising campaign needs to have clearly defined objectives that should arise from the overall marketing strategy of the organization. In the case of coca-cola, the primary objective of the campaign was to increase the consumption of Coca-Coal during the summer period. The secondary objective of this campaign was to make sure that people were talking about coke again. The campaign aimed at making sure consumers see coke in such a way that they would be encouraged to consume the product and not just merely loving the brand.
Coca-Cola wanted a core idea that would reunite its customers with the idea of getting together and having a good time over a bottle of Coca-Cola. They wanted to jumpstart real conversations and remind people of those they have lost touch with in their lives or have not yet met. Coca-coal wanted to encourage people on a more personal level with sparking a conversation using ones first name. Coca-Cola initiated these conversations through encouraging its customers to connect and share a coke. They printed 150 of the most popular names on coke label bottles in order to keep a reminder of people they might have lost touch with hence giving them a reason to connect. These advertising objectives that had been set are crucial when it comes to making a strategy decision. Therefore with these objectives in place Coca-Cola was able to come up with strategies they would use to achieve these objectives. The share a coke campaign was a sort of reminder advertising whereby is to keep the Coca-Cola brand name before the eyes of the public (Marketing, 2012).

The campaign involved a multiplatform communication strategy that acted as an invitation to share a coke with a person one knows or want to know giving people tools for finding, connecting and sharing with one another. This was meant to bring the consumers together using the coke brand. Through this the consumers will be bale to connect with one another and at the same time be conversant with the Coca-Cola brand.

When it comes to advertising the organization aims at reaching a wide audience with the message. The campaign was successful in reaching a wide target audience due to the creation of a varied content that would be able to suit the audience. This allowed many.....

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