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Marketing in the Contemporary Organizations

The contemporary society is very dynamic and things change each passing day particularly propelled by the new inventions and technological improvements. There is provision for information to travel faster than it used to, hence posing a cut edge competitive environment for each organization. Each company that wants to remain relevant in the market must embrace techniques and trends that will enable it remain afloat and relevant, such as marketing.

The modern organizations has so many functions going on like production, resource development, finance departments, the human resource departments all in tandem. In order to align these functions within the organization with the needs and wants and expectations of the customers, there is need to involve a marketing strategy that will deliberately guide these functions towards that direction (Rama Rao, 2005). The key to success in the current organizations do not rest on marketing or any function independently, but on a joint pursuit of success.

Marketing can be said therefore to play an integrative purpose of the market so that the required synergy can be realized for the success of a given organization. This means then that the responsibility to increase the market share of the organization as they market the company products rests on each member of the organization and not a few selected people from given or selected departments.

Role of marketing to manufacturers/firms

Even the biggest players in any market are still seen to engage extensively in the marketing process. Marketing enables organizations to maintain the positions that they have already acquired over a long period of time, it helps maintain the status quo or even increase the market position of those organizations, a thing that all organizations love to have.

The marketing strategies such as obtaining new clients, (re)branding, repackaging and influencing behavior are al directed at encouraging or boosting the sales of any given firm. All these activities are carried out by the respective manufacturers with the aim of having the consumer society targeted buy the products.
The marketing costs are usually met by the consumers anyway hence every firm will strive to be as vigorous as they can in marketing, with the compensation of the marketing cost at the tail end of the pricing of the products.

The era when the demand would outstrip the supply of goods has long gone, indeed the supply now not only outstrips the demand but there are alternative supplies that the client is exposed to, a situation that almost numbs demand. This trend has therefore pushed many firms to venture into creative ways of marketing and concentrate a lot of energy in creating the need within the potential consumers. This, of late, has been a central function of marketing for manufacturers since they have the gods and no one needs them, hence they have to create the need among the potential buyers. Centive (2012) further indicates that no consumer of late will but goods just because a manufacturer produces it, they will buy only what they need, hence the need needs to be created among the few clients as compared to producers.

The today's market trend is also clouded with a lot of information on the internet and other media, this makes it hard for consumers to make up their mind, it is the duty of marketing therefore to give the potential consumers more information on a particular product and the advantages it holds over the others.

Role of marketing to the consumers

The consumer is the single entity that cannot be ignored in any market structure. It is upon the consumer that all factors of production rest. It is the entity that cannot miss even for a short while and have the normal trend of the market….....

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