Marketing Will Affect Someone's Life in the Essay

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Marketing Will Affect Someone's Life in the Future

How Marketing Will Affect a Person's Life in the Future

The growing reliance on social media as a means to communicate has created a new level of collaboration between customers and the brands they trust. This, along with several of the trends identified and analyzed in this paper, are accelerating in their impact on people globally. Over the next decades and generation, these changes will also serve to redefine the relationships between customers and brands they choose to trust. One of the most significant of all factors that is emerging today and will continue to accelerate is the critical nature of trust. This is a galvanizing thread that runs through all of the trends and observations mentioned throughout this analysis. The net or aggregate effect of all of these factors and trends will be a truer, more accurate and purified form of marketing that seeks to serve the customers with greater clarity than ever before. Experiences, not transactions, will be the dominant factor that leads to profitability of companies as well. The return on relationships (ROR) will be predicate don trust and the ability to deliver exceptional experiences on a consistent basis, not just about hwo efficient a distribution channel is or how low a given products' pricing is.

Marketing Trends and Future Developments That Will Affect Consumers In the Future

Beginning with the aspect of trust, the most dominant trend will be the continual validation of both a brands' identity and value, and the customer's identity as well. Analytics and mechanisms for ensuring authenticity, transparency and validation of identities will flourish in the coming decades. And not in the way that many critics of these technologies portray them; it will not be comparable to the book 1984 by George Orwell.
Rather, this level of authenticity and transparency will be part of defining the multiple roles and personas people fulfill in their daily lives. The aspects of quantifying trust and creating solid relationships with customers will be more oriented towards supporting and strengthening their various roles and persona-based needs. An example of this are the multiples roles of husband, father, member of a work team in a company, in addition to being a sports coach for a children's team for example. Inside these roles and specific personas as well. Marketing in the future will use trust-based analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are used for evaluating the level of satisfaction customers are experiencing in each of the roles they participate in. These scores of satisfaction by role will be invaluable to marketers who seek to serve their customers even more completely in the future as well. The Net Promoter Score (NPR) is a nascent approach to this level of analysis. The future of this type of loyalty metric framework will concentrate more on the quantifying of trust as a dynamic of long-term persona stability and recency of behaviors; and while no model will be able to precisely define and predict consume behavior, these metrics will provide useful insights to a greater level of accuracy than has been attained in the past.

Another key trend that is already impacting customers today and will accelerate is the reliance on mobility-based technologies for their everyday lives. Starting out with cellular phones and progressing to smartphones and WiFi and 3G-enabled tablet PCs, these technologies are changing how customers choose to keep current on brands of interest and learn about new products of interest as well. Mobility….....

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