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Market Model Patterns of Change

Market Model Pattern of Change

The market model industry I research on is the rental movie industry, which the Blockbuster video was the dominant product. This industry has undergone through gigantic market change over many years. Hollywood video is the national competitor; however, they often compete with the local and regional movie rental industries. The use of the new technology has significantly led to the competition among different companies. The market model pattern of change shows that the industry has competitors or not, also, the costs in the company.

Explain the industry and outline the overall wave of change of the specific market structure

The Blockbuster video once dominated the movie rental industry; this has changed enormously due to the competition in the entertainment market. The evolution of the new technology has led to multiple competitions and has changed the consumers' purchase of the rental movie and other video. Many once considered a monopoly; the Blockbuster Video has fight pressures affecting mortar stores and brick today. The industry had many stores, which eventually resulted to high costs. When the industry started evolves with the use of the new technologies, stores became dashed costs for retailers. The retailers enjoy the lower costs and brick and the mortar stores make profits by charging the customers at a lower rate, however, Blockbusters Video saddled with high costs of the physical stores as well as the labour costs (Blockbuster LLC, 47).

Today's landscape market has many competitors fighting for the consumers; however, remarkably few companies are still dormant to stand among them.

Theorize the fundamental short-run and long run performance of the form in the industry chosen in market-economy'

They "use the brick and mortar stores" hit blockbuster Video. The customers could, first rent movies and later return the movie to the store for lower price than that price which was purchasing the title of a copy. When the "Guaranteed in-stock" was release, the Blockbuster Video began to tweak its position of inventory feature and was able to receive more customers (Blockbuster LLC, 47). Blockbuster Video was to rent DVD purchase and single video multiple times, which made the business extremely lucrative.
The Blockbuster Video enjoys the monopoly position, however, the Netflix a newcomer start a change in the landscape of the market.

Blockbuster Video Model is not sustainable due to Netflix is able to the costs of business deliver by DVDs customer door. Netflix was to run learner operation because of having warehouse and exceedingly few employees. Netflix was holding streaming video over the Internet, by lowering the cost. The industry went through enormous change with the consumers how consuming videos are over the Internet. Unlike Blockbuster model that were able to sell doctrine, but streaming videos would be a different business. In the end, technology industry innovate news items in the market that leads changing in the market patterns the landscape market has a description as the moving target (Ford, 2009).

Examine at least three potential areas for the industry that could lead to business deals and clarify each.

The first source of costs rising within an industry is in the form of the computer hardware. Many people nowadays are streaming movies from the Internet the companies involve having to invest heavily by allowing increase number of videos to be in their sites.

Another source of costs rising in an industry is to fight against the piracy of videos. Many of music and video studios are highly concern with the online piracy; the piracy proliferation led to increase in the costs and lowered revenues in companies with the streaming content (Ford, 2009). The last probably….....

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