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The HR Integration Product Manager has solicited and received approval for the project from Hugh McCauley, COO (Riordan Manufacturing, 2004). Key stakeholders will be identified including the scope and feasibility of this project. Additionally, Section 1 will describe the information-gathering techniques and design methods for Riordan Manufacturing service request SR-rm-002. Analysis of the HR system will be discussed, followed by identifying key factors, which will help ensure that the information required for the project is gathered successfully, and give an explanation of the scope and feasibility of the project.


The role of stakeholder is very important in success of any organization. Any company should collaborate with stakeholders for the growth of organization. "Stakeholders are influential people who are vitally interested in the actions of business" (Pearce II & Robinson, 2009). Key processes should be involved to utilize key stake holders. First of all, a company should identify a stake holder to boost its progress; then, company should analyze the stakeholders by recognizing stakeholders' needs and requirements and to maintain good relations with the stake holders. The last and most important thing is to have good communication with the key stakeholders. Riordan manufacturing has a lot of stakeholders and several of them are key stakeholders which play a vital role in achieving the company's strategic goal. The President, CEO, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, Chief operating officer, chief finance officer, customers, and the workers of the Riordan manufacturing are the key players that are responsible for the financial progress.

As stated above, Riordan Manufacturing has submitted a service (SR-rm-022) request for the analysis of the current HR system with the goal of the integration of the currently existing variety of tools into a single integrated application for corporate wide use. COO Hugh McCauley is looking for a single integrated application of the existing tools in use today in the HR system. The project is scheduled for completion in approximately six months from initiation with system utilization beginning in the second quarter for the flowing year.


Riordan Manufacturing has made the determination that the benefits of undergoing a HR systems refinement outweigh the risks. Based on projected project size, this change is relatively small in comparison to a major project such an ERP introduction. Riordan has HR tools in place; the goal is to simply integrate those various systems in current use into one standardized application for corporate wide use. The additional fact that the HR department initiated the request, and senior management is in support of the initiative, presents an atmosphere of acceptance to change and the cooperation of all parties involved.….....

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