History-u.S. (Before 1865) Manifest Destiny Essay

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With the discovery of gold and other valuable minerals, a wave of Easterners started to pour into the West. These people believed that it was their right and duty to expand. The idea of Manifest Destiny played a big role in America's political actions overseas. People believed that they were uniquely positioned to spread democracy throughout the world and this idea could clearly be seen as playing a role in twentieth century American foreign policy (What is Manifest Destiny, 2009).

The Civil War and the period following it had a great influence on immigration and transportation in this country.
New inventions and technologies that came about because of the war, led to many people relocating in order to better themselves and their families. This trend led to many other problems that the nation then had to face, including the settlement issues in the west and conflicts with the Indians over land rights. This was new time in this country and a very important one for the successful growth and prosperity that followed.

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