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Like, in the case of public sector training project which aim at providing new skills for the unemployed, (Richard Heeks, 1998). Such project turns inputs of staff labor, equipment and money to a level of outputs skilled individuals who have undergone training through process of training delivery. B) a monitoring mechanism: The mechanism tends to collect information concerning the outputs from the process. In this case, the information to be gathered is about the number of trained people as well as the extent of their new skills within the training project. C) a comparison mechanism: It compares the collected information regarding current performance with previous information from the targets, benchmarks, set plans among others. Such distinct information signifies the information needs of the monitoring and control system. Like, it will compare information on actual gained skills with skill gain targets. The name given to this system is evaluation mechanism. D) a control mechanism: It decides upon hence guide implementation of corrective action as derived from comparison output.Like in the case where skill levels produced through training becomes lower than it was in the expectation, changes to the location or method of training can be decided upon and then implemented. Therefore this support of monitoring and control provided through Management Information System represents a feedback loop, which provide avenue for feeding back information regarding a later stage into control of an earlier stage.


Although there has been short existence of Management Information System within the public affairs, their use and importance have significantly grown and probably will keep on growing. Generally their aim is to keep under control the size and cost incurred within a public sector.


Richard Heeks, (1998). "Public Sector Management Information System" Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester. Retrieved April 2, 2013 from

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