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The overall economy is growing slowly, and those within our target market have not experienced the steep decline in employment that other demographics have suffered. Income levels in our target demographic have changed little as the result of the recession, so there is little cause for concern about the economic macroenvironment when launching this product. Golf continues to be a popular sport, despite flatlining interest in the United States (Nohcud, 2008). There is strong growth in golf overseas, in Asia in particular, and this provides encouragement for the long-term growth prospects of the Tracker.

One marketing issue that needs to be researched is with respect to the culture of golf, in particular the target market of the Tracker. This is important because the tone of the advertising message will be in part dictated by the culture of our golfing target market -- it could be jocular or it could be informative for example. This research will also help us to refine our target market definition, which at this point is merely an estimate.
The better we understand our psychographics in particular, the more easily Tracker will be able to reach the target consumer.

The research objectives should be to have enough information to paint a clearer picture of the target audience, and how best to reach that audience. We will need to either confirm or deny our demographic and psychographic profile, and then test messages for the degree to which they appeal to golfers. These objectives will allow the company to focus its marketing efforts on the consumers most likely to adopt the product, and will assist in the development of the marketing plan. The research should deliver quantitative results such as specific age groups, gender, income levels and education levels, as well as qualitative insights about the nature of the target customer.

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