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Therefore, the question is, in which type of pregnancy will there be a greater percentage of abortion? it's definitely not in PGD pregnancy because PGD pregnancy provides parents with the kind of child that they want. Who would want to abort a child that they dreamt of? It is in fact the normal pregnancy where a higher rate of abortion may exist because there is a 50% by 50% chance that a mother will bear the child that she or her husband wants. In contrast, in PGD, because it is a scientific and tested way, a mother can be assured of a higher percentage than 50% in delivering the baby with the gender that she wishes for.

Another reason why PGD should be accepted is because it is a method of balancing families. There are sometimes families who do not have even a girl or a boy, but have quite a number of children with the same gender.
Sometimes, such situation causes unhappy families due to disappointments of a parent who may want to have a child with the gender other than what they have. Moreover, having a family with a balanced gender helps in developing the relationship abilities of children. It help them be exposed to the differing characteristics and behaviors of both genders.

In general, I suggest that Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a right way of family planning. The negative issues that some relate to PGD are not yet proven. To help us understand the benefits of PGD, I have mentioned in this paper some of the real reasons why PGD should be accepted. PGD presents a lot of benefits and advantages to our future. It helps lessen immoral and unethical practices of abortion and it helps parents get the kind of child that they want. Finally, scientists and researches created PGD to help parents make a happy family,….....

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