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For example, teaching children to be modest is a matter of both reason and virtue. It is a matter of virtue because it allows for a deeper and more respectful approach to life and the relationships with the others. A modest person has more changes to focus his life on being instead of on having. Ideally this would render one more free and also happier. It is a matter of reason because modesty can be directly connected with balance. A balanced person sees things more clearly and is supposed to have better changes of understanding things as they really are and also achieving his purposes.

There is a very important assumption that one can understand in Locke's work, the one that man understands that it is better for him to be moral and not just because this will bring him various types of advantages, but because it is God who wants it this way. The process of education, in order to be considered successful ought not to reveal the mysteries of the universe to the child but to make him thirsty for knowledge and further learning.
In this manner it becomes a perpetual tool instead of a limited process.

It may be considered that some of the aspects in Locke's philosophy regarding education are more permissive while others are harsher. As far as the present interpretation is concerned, the degree of "harshness" is less relevant than the final goal of demonstrating what education is really supposed to do. All in all, his educational principle are compatible because they are all focused on achieving and respecting virtue. The balance that he is looking for in order to make sure a successful result will be obtained is still looked for nowadays by all the persons who are involve din educational processes.


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