Literature As Psychology Term Paper

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Psychology and Literature

Both psychology and literature explore how people interact with each other. Both psychology and literature explore how prior events affect what follows. Both psychology and literature look at how a person grows, develops and changes over time. However, psychology looks at how events affect what people do and how they act in very precise ways, while literature fictionalizes and supposes what an imaginary person might do. Psychology looks at growth and development based on real cases studied scientifically while literature uses imagination go suppose what people might do as they develop.
Psychology looks at how people react in given situations in a scientific way, while literature looks at it in terms of how the events drive a story forward.

Examples of how social-psychological issues are portrayed in literature can be seen, for instance, in the stories of Edgar Allen Poe, such as in "The Cask of Amontillado," where the protagonist wreaks vengeance on a friend for imagined slights. It might be considered….....

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