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Volpone by Ben Jonson

Act I, Scene 1, Lines 30-39: This is at the start of the play when we learn about what kind of man Volpone is. This particular passage, being spoken by him, is referring to his money -- he is speaking of how he enjoys the chase of the money more than the actually having it. The play is centered on how Volpone is faking a fatal illness that has caused some greedy people to become "butt-kissers" in order to become his sole heir. Again, it is more fun for Volpone to play tricks on people. In this particular passage he is referring to how he gets his money -- he doesn't actually work for it, nor does he share it, nor does he keep it in a public bank. Mosca is his servant, whom has joined him in his trickery.

Act 3, Scene 4, Lines 67-76: Here we see the start of the "payback" of sorts from Jonson on his scheming characters. They are describing some medical treatments (saffron, a poultice, etc.) and he says "Before I fayn'd diseases, now I have one." Overall this play is a comedy, and the drastic manner that he reacts to what is such a minor illness shows some comedic relief, but the tone is one of much seriousness -- paybacks in fate for what has happened. The Hermaphrodite is the one now by Volpone's side, and he is wishing that the Hermaphrodite would leave -- hoping he would leave him alone. The Hermaphrodite keeps acting like Volpone's nurse of sorts, which Volpone is suffering greatly by being around him.

Act 5, Scene 3,Lines 80-101: Mosca is speaking about how he is going to be Volpone's heir, and the talking gets quite heated -- it is after some of the characters have begun to testify during the proceedings in Venice.
Mosca starts talking about how he is ashamed of all the people there for how they have been acting -- how their good works cannot hide their bad ones. Mosca is then yelled at, then he begins the yelling again -- talking about how he would have hired Mosca to betray Volpone (poison him) in a heartbeat, and how he perjured himself in court that day and how he needs to go home and die and stink.

Act 5, Scene 12, Lines 146-151: The version of the play that I have kind of loses count of lines in this scene -- it includes some of the other translated versions, etc. Sorry for the confusion, but I will explain as much of the end of the scene as I can. This is when the Courts in Venice condemn Volpone and Mosca and it is mostly other people talking about them. This is when Mosca is getting punished -- he is told to disrobe, and then he is told that he is the main instigator in all of these happenings, and he abused the courts, as well as the Gentlemen of Venice. He is whipped first, then he is a sentenced to life in prison. Volpone, on the other hand, is sentenced to lie in the hospital until he does get sick (like he was pretending to be) -- until he is indeed sick and lame. He is then banished from Venice because he was a gentleman and has given gentlemen a bad name.

Duchess of Malfi by John Webster

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