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Listening Skills

The man in this case can do anything within his means to his wife when he panics. The situation is therefore very vulnerable and an astute negotiator should take it upon himself that everything is made possible to guarantee the safety of the woman held by the husband against her will. There are indications that this man is in a crisis stage given that when contacted he screams and rants about his cheating wife.

Before engaging in active negotiations with the man I have made an undertaking to gather intelligence about the incident, the hostage taker and the hostage. I, in this regard, intend to know what might have led to the deterioration of the situation, who the hostage taker is and whether he has had some criminal background and who the hostage may be. After gathering intelligence, I intend to develop tactics that I will use to diffuse the incident, influence the hostage taker and reduce the risk of loss of life of the hostage.
I also intend to establish communication with the hostage taker and consequently record relevant intelligence information (McMains & Mullins, 2010). Keeping records of the negotiations including demands and promises is integral in this process because in the process some realistic demands of the hostage taker may be met. The equipment used in the process has to be maintained. Meanwhile, I will keep coordinating and communicating with the incident commander and tactical team to inform them about new developments McMains & Mullins, 2010). Cohesion of the team and interoperability between various roles is imperative if emotions at the incident are to be reduced. This is also important in gathering vital intelligence and gradually persuading the host taker to change their behavior. All these cannot be achieved….....

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