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Pregnant women should not drink alcohol, and they should not drink while they are attempting to become pregnant, either. These may be two of the biggest lifestyle changes for many women, but they are critical for the baby's health and safety, and should not be ignored. Drug use is another important aspect of lifestyle change for expectant mothers. They should not take any drugs, legal or illegal, without checking with their healthcare professional, and they should stop using illegal drugs as soon as possible.

Stress is a big part of everyday life, and expectant mothers need to reduce stress in their lives. Expectant mothers can also experience trouble sleeping and other stressors, so it is very important to gain the support of family members, friends, and co-workers in an attempt to lighten stress and reduce the stresses that can affect the baby. Working can actually help increase the health of the mother. Another researcher states, "Studies consistently show that infants of women who work during pregnancy have better health than infants of women who are not employed" (Lindsay, 2004). Getting plenty of rest to engaging in enjoyable and pleasant activities help ensure there is less lifestyle stress and more pleasure and enjoyment. Here, friends, family, and especially the father can get involved to help the mother enjoy a happier, restful, and enjoyable pregnancy.

How do expectant mothers make these lifestyle changes? Clearly, many of them may be difficult for mothers to immediately implement and change.
Many expectant mothers join support groups, where they share their frustrations and triumphs, and gain support and understanding from other women in the same situation. This can help them conquer lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and drinking, that are difficult to deal with under any circumstances. They can also gain support and information from their healthcare providers, or from groups like Planned Parenthood, who offer counseling and support to expectant mothers.

In conclusion, changing the lifestyle is one of the best ways expectant mothers can ensure their new babies are happy, healthy, and developmentally sound. These lifestyle changes are not difficult to begin, for the most part, and they are vital for the baby's (and mother's) health and well-being. Ignoring these lifestyle changes can be dangerous and even deadly for mother and child, and they should be stressed by healthcare professionals when they treat pregnant mothers-to-be.


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