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The client will be expected to be motivated to work with the life coach and be honest regarding life inspirations. As a life coach, once I understand the client's current situation, I will be expected to guide the client through a positive process. This process is geared towards making constructive and internal changes. From this video, I am expected to offer opinions and comments aimed to keep the client focused (SarahOzolShore, 2008).

Coaching is seen as a vital tool in helping to develop female leaders. In diverse contexts, there is a notable shortage of female leaders due to prevailing social and cultural norms. The above concepts of coaching are being applied in leadership development programs that target women. This is because these concepts help develop self-belief and confidence. In complex settings such as vulnerability and fast moving environments, trust and self-awareness between leaders and followers are paramount. Coaching provides the opportunity for people to address personal issues in a non-threatening manner (Williams & Menendez, 2007).

The video highlights that coaching can make a substantial difference in staff development and leadership.
Although this effect is more visible at the individual level, it shows that the effect permeates across the organization. However, coaching is not always effective in all situations. It only works if there is a motivation to change. The client must have the will to change and support to do so (SarahOzolShore, 2008). It will work if it is well facilitated, especially in cross-cultural contexts. From the video, it is clear that coaching is a demanding process and calls for high skills among coaches. The video illustrates the value of taking a personal approach to life coaching.


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