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As a result, I interact best in diverse learning and professional environments. I will remain connected to the military during my initial years with the University of Phoenix for personal and financial reasons. However, once I secure my Bachelor's of Science I will obtain employment in the civilian sector, preferably working for another large organization.

I will achieve my personal goals at the University of Phoenix by participating actively in coursework and engaging professors and students in meaningful discussions. I plan on being an active member of the student body. Because I am used to working in a collaborative environment in the military I will in fact be unable to approach my studies in any other way but through active participation, collaboration, and participation. I believe that learning entails not simply reading textbooks and taking tests: learning is a process of communication. If my schedule permits, I will also become involved with extracurricular groups that pertain to my interests and hopefully, I will be able to work as an intern during the course of my studies so that I can get my feet wet before launching my new career as an it professional in the civilian sector.

My personal goals also include overall expansion of my skills set. My hands-on familiarity with technology must be coupled with book smarts: the academic and theoretical foundation necessary to be an it specialist. During the course of my academic career, I will be as if starting from scratch.
I plan on discovering a specific area within it to focus on so that I can be an effective and focused professional once I graduate. The only way I can become a helpful it professional in the civilian sector, helping businesses to thrive, is to obtain a Bachelor's from a reputable institution such as this. Finally, I look forward to working with University of Phoenix staff and faculty in the it department, learning from their advice and experience as much as from their lectures and assignments. Networking with people opens doors to personal and professional development.

I have experienced the unique rigors of military training, from boot camp to rising through the ranks. The inner strength, personal resolve, and resiliency I carry with me will contribute to my performance at the University of Phoenix. Not easily deterred, I will forge through any obstacles or pitfalls I may encounter during the course of my studies and I will succeed. Willing to accept good advice as well as to listen closely to the needs of others, I will be an optimal member of the student body at the University. When I graduate and am a working professional I will be able to represent the University of Phoenix with aplomb and success. I look forward to attending; thank you for….....

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