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Leadership Philosophy

Thank you for your consideration of my application to Woodbury University. I understand and respect the value of receiving instruction and inspiration from professors and instructors in the field of organizational leadership, and it is my goal to be enrolled at Woodbury University in that regard.

What is particular appealing for me in terms of the learning process is knowing that the Woodbury University graduate program specializes on "small study groups that maximize learning and promote personal and professional relationships" that can carry over into life beyond graduation.

I also like the fact that classes are on a five-week format, and that they are intensive, because learning should be an concentrated, rigorous experience with challenges put in front of students -- the kind of challenges that participants will be faced with out of school. The Woodbury University strategy of allowing students to engender meaningful professional relationships while learning is very impressive and important for my own personal goals.
As to my own leadership philosophy, I would like to share that in the sense that I am a person who has serious goals, and rarely if ever backs down from my values and commitments, I am ready for the program offered at Woodbury University.

First of all, to be a competent, believable leader a person must have integrity, and that means honesty, forthrightness and consistency in decision-making. The style of leadership that a person exhibits reflects the values that person has acquired over the years. My values revolve around justice, cooperation, fairness, diversity, inclusion -- and meaningful face-to-face interaction with those around me.

An efficient, effective leader must be a person that understands empathy for others -- not sympathy, but empathy. The legendary psychologist and educator Carl Rogers made….....

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