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Leadership Philosophy


A leadership philosophy can be described as the way we perceive ourselves as leaders. Not only our actions are guided by this philosophy but it also alters our behaviors and moulds our thoughts. Both internal and external forces are responsible for influencing our individual philosophies. By changing one's philosophy regarding leadership, one can definitely change himself/herself as a leader. Leadership philosophies can change an individual once he/she starts to analyze and understand his/her personality and individual characteristics within the context of leading.

Leadership Philosophy

Intellectually, it is imperative for this generation to understand the role and function of leadership as leading is that skill which is considered as most necessary in this contemporary era. The simple reason behind acquiring this understanding and skill is that leaders, without no doubt, play a major role in helping people shape their lives. Leaders not only define business and the subsequent practices for its development but also delineate the teams, groups and communities. . Leaders determine a society's character and responsibilities and are the administrators of governmental policies. To cut a long story short, it is the behavior of the leaders that sets the course to be followed by others in every aspect of life (Fairholm 1998, xiii).

No tricks, complex theories and philosophies are required by the leadership to perform excellently.
A great leader could be present in the most traditional output-oriented groups or even in a badly run organization (Fairholm 1998, 26). The only characteristic that makes him/her different than others is his/her leadership philosophy that mainly emphasizes on "values summarized in a vision of what the group and its members are and can become" (Fairholm 1998, 47). This leadership philosophy encompasses values including personal freedom, reverence of life, impartiality, harmony and contentment. Great leaders tap these vitalizing principles and standards and it is only then that they become able to lead (Fairholm 1998, 47).

Leadership Philosophy -- Why is it Important?

Philosophy can be simply defined as the coherent "investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge or conduct" (Leboeuf 1999). Philosophy is, thus, the realization of an incorporated and all-inclusive view of life that is of fundamental value to the individual. In simple words, it is one's personal philosophy which helps him to understand and manage all other issues. While selecting one's philosophical approach, it is exceedingly necessary for an individual to establish his/her overarching personal philosophy before he/she "can extrapolate from it the framework of key issues that follow" (Leboeuf 1999).

Clear leadership philosophy is mandatory for responsible leadership behavior and actions. Leadership….....

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