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This theory is applicable in the hospitality management. It is a business of managing people. Managing people means ensuring that they are working according to their roles and responsibilities. Senior management's strategy to achieve success in this industry is hiring qualified people and as a result, the staffs of Red Sea are competent and highly-motivated individuals. Thus, the need to sustain their consistency in good performance is essential.

Motivation is directly linked to the performance of employees. Without stimulation that motivation provides, workforce would not behave in a manner that is appropriate to the business. Their performance would consequently not meet the expectations required of them and productivity would be jeopardized. To overcome this undesirable situation, manager can address this by helping his/her staff realize their full potential thru the use of performance, goals, measurement, feedback and recognition.

Applicant's Leadership Style

Grace Hannaford and Ronan Atkins are both an effective leader. They have an honest understanding of who they are, what they know and what they can do. Both show confidence, proficiency and familiarity with the restaurant business. On the other hand, basis of leadership does not solely stop there. Qualities such as trust, confidence and effective communication must also be present.

Ronan is very direct. He exemplifies living by the rules and would like to create standards on how to do things. In.....

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