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Personality and Motivation

Most scholarship defines personality as some sort of combination of the emotional, behavioral and attitude patterns for an individual. Different theorists ascribe differing ways the personality is acquired, but there are a few agreed upon ways that help us define a person's personality. For instance, there tend to be five major traits that help define human personality: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness. Over time, different ways of focusing on these attributes help make up ways of describing a person (Lucas and Baird, 2004, pp. 473-85).

One way to measure personality types evolved from the work of psychologist Carl Jung. Using psychological preferences of how people perceive their universe and make decisions, Briggs and Myers developed a way to consider types of personalities based on personality preferences that focus on the manner of human values, experiences, needs and motivations. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a basic personality model that helps one understand themselves, others, and most of all, individual preferences and motivations (Quenk, 2009).

As a case study, I am going to use a family friend as a test. The subject in question is a white male, aged 26, college junior dual majoring in History and Education.
We will call the subject "Tom." Tom was born in a mid-sized town in the Midwest, has one brother, two sisters, and considers himself to be moderate politically. Tom is an avid reader, loves movies and all types of music, and since leaving High School has learned to enjoy more solitary sports like hiking, backpacking, scuba-diving, and jogging. He is passionate about new ideas, connections within the academic world, crossword puzzles, and while he enjoys a great red wine or microbrew, is not a typically college partier. Tom spent his first three years working to save money for a car and college fund, and feels that he is better equipped to handle college being a bit older (and wiser, he says). Tom's MY scores show:

Meyers-Briggs Test

Being ISTJ, Tom is focused on details and facts, is realistic, and conforms more to the present than the future. He is observant, but slightly subjective and interested in the internal world. He is logical tends to be practical, and organized. From a motivational standpoint, Tom prefers clear instructions that are logical, and any assessment made about him should also be relevant and organized. He believes in concrete and factual information,….....

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