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Jose Armas' "El Tonto Del Barrio"

In order to society to function, each community is dependant upon its members for its overall success. In order for a community to survive at its best, each member must play his or her role, however small or seemingly unimportant. (Wortman 237) in a successful community, certain structures tend to grow and expand until "the create a place for everyone" (McKnight 257).

Jose Armas' short story "El Tonto Del Barrio" demonstrates the importance of community and how its members depend upon each other for many things. Through the characters of Romero and Seferino, Armas illustrates how each member plays a critical part in the structure of in the community.

Romero shows the reader how even the slightest of personalities and actions can come to represent consistency and stability within community. Even with his condition being as it was, Romero gave to the community by sweeping the streets every day. In this way, Romero felt as if he had earned his place in the neighborhood.
Because Romero was giving to the community in the best way that he could, the community gave back to Romero by caring for him and making sure he was doing well in general. By doing this, they were accepting him and including him as a part of the community.

Romero was stable element of the society and also was responsible for the friendly tone of the neighborhood, as he was "always whistling singing" (Armas 1137). Romero was loved because of his friendliness and this was proof that Romero was a positive influence on the community. In addition, McKnight states that "You will know that you are in a community if you often hear laughter and singing" (McKnight 261).

Seferino, by offering to pay Romero for sweeping the streets, upset the "balance" between Romero and the community because it made Romero feel as though he was a hired servant instead of a vital part of….....

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