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Job Description

Tools and Technology: 4

Knowledge: 4

Skills and Abilities: 5

Educational Requirements: 5

Description of two selection methods: 5

The job descriptions are mostly designed as per corporation's requirements and acceptable course of action from potential employees. The organizations develop job descriptions for information purpose. It is also used as a job advertisement in order to offer preliminary criteria for job applicants. The criterion for appropriate candidate is also derived from job description. There are essential elements describing the job descriptions including education, experience, skills, abilities, and nature of the job for prospective candidates. The information detailed in the job description is also essential in defining the profile of selected candidates. The sections below provide a detailed outline of the job description for an accountant with respect to the tasks, tools, technology, knowledge, skills, and abilities of the individual. The methods used in selecting candidates are also an integral part of the organization's human resources management policy. The selection methodology includes the advertisement mechanism, tests for knowledge and personality skills. The interview provides an opportunity for management and employees to understand the interpersonal communications, organizational skills, and Technical expertise.


The main tasks of the account's job are to prepare and record periodic expenses and earnings. The accountant is also required to prepare a statement of accounts with respect to the business activities. The revenue or income statement is required to be prepared at the period end. The accountant is also required to prepare a budgetary statement for the year with respect to the expected spending and earning's allocation for particular activities.
The accountant is also required to prepare financial comparisons and provide the cost benefit analysis recommendations. The secondary task of the accountant is to monitor cash flow and report correct position on the financial reports.

Tools and Technology:

The accountant is required to be familiar with the notable financial and accounting software including Sage Line 50, and crystal reports. The basic knowledge and working experience with commonly used tools and technology for accounting purposes is also essential. The tools used for accounting purposes include Microsoft Excel, Sage Line 50, and Peach Tree accounting software. The technology awareness is required to be Windows based an in depth acquaintance with the latest tools and technology tends is also a beneficial advantage.


The knowledge requirements for the accountant are mainly related to the accounting procedures and practices followed by International Accounting regulatoryauthorities. It is also required that the accountant has in depth knowledge of the business polices and administrative functions. It will not only enable the individual to gain insight of the business but at the same time it will also allow the understanding of the nature with respect to expenses and revenues. The knowledge of law and legal issues is also an added advantage. The awareness of regulatory….....

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