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For marketers, the implication is clear: share freely and give of your expertise if you want to excel on this new medium. Case study after case study from Groundswell, the best-selling book by Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li make this point abundantly clear (Bernoff, Li, 2008).If there is one downside of this experience of evaluating Twitter it is the ferocious appetite many have for fame for anything and the tendency on both individuals' and companies' part to use Twitter as a megaphone, not a telephone. The telephone is best used for listening, and the same holds true for social media especially Twitter.


The value of Twitter is very evident. Like any learning platform and communications channel, it must be managed to a very high value and always governed by the axiom of getting what you give. The sad, even pathetic attempts by so many to become famous clog up this excellent communication channel; and by using advanced Twitter features it's possible to make a vibrant, strong learning and communications platform.
Literally, this social media platform is what one makes of it through diligent effort to turn it into a knowledge platform.


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