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Italy, Vatican

"Good evening viewers, it is on this day that history was made within the Roman Catholic Church. In today's bulletin, I will take through information in relation to the appointment of the new pope, his first days in the office, and historical perspectives of the act. I am your reporter Pelletta Vendetta, welcome to the show."

"On Saturday, Pope Benedict XVI and the incoming Pope Castel Gandolfo shared a lunch with reporters waiting outside at the hilltop villa for the examination of the historical event between a Pope and his predecessor. The content of the encounter was not clear without any information provided by the Vatican officials. According to a spokesman of the Vatican, "the first embrace was wonderful." According to the information circulating in Italy, this meeting or the Saturday's lunch is a form of rehearsal for cohabitation. Vatican officials focus on expressing their affection and gratitude towards the new pope, but this essence plays minimal role in resolving the complexity in relation to this meeting. According to Melloni, "you couldn't have the pope in a German convent where he could become a pole attraction for those faithful reluctant to accept his resignation." The Vatican officials have moved to reject any prospect of meddling by Benedict, but there is some concern among some cardinals, officials, and church experts in relation to the matter. Roberto Rusconi said, "There is a duality, and even if the old pope says he will retire from the world, he will be an awkward presence."

In other news, Pope Francis was essential in charming a huge crowd in his first Sunday appearance from the papal apartment overlooking St. Peter's Square by integration of personal recollections and humour to the Gospel message. He was cheered by a crowd of about 200,000 individuals for the traditional prayer and leave of the crowd with a hearty "Buon giorno" and "Buon pranzo" respectively. One of the recollections by the incoming pope into charming the crowd was, "she told me, if the Lord hadn't forgiven all, then the world wouldn't be here." This encounter led to the adoption of the view that the incoming pope was for all age groups within the church.
Pope Francis also made history following his election less than two weeks following resignation by Pope Benedict XVI as the first pope to do so in 600 years. This was an opportunity for the new pope to develop an effective relationship with the crowd and Vatican officials while enhancing public image and reputation."

"In his first critical role in becoming the Pope of the Roman Catholic, Pope Francis named a group of eight cardinals from around the world to offer valuable advice in the management of the church and mauling of the Vatican hierarchy. This represents a radical step towards realization of the goals of democracy in the Roman Catholic Church. The move is viewed as an opportunity for the pope to consult widely despite lack of legislative power by the eight cardinals. The selection process represents diversity of the church through integration of cardinals from DR Congo, Germany, Honduras, India, Italy, Australia, Boston, and Chile. According to Paolo Rodari, a Vatican expert, the move by the new pope focuses on bringing Vatican closer to a more collegial management and governance. The eight cardinals forming the advisory committee include Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez, Cardinal Laurent Monsengwa Pasinya, Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, and Cardinal George Pell."

"Still in Italy, the best bet is to attend the papal audience, weekly gathering which includes prayers, homily, and blessings. It provides an opportunity to listen to Pope and interact with other worshippers. Tours such as of ancient Rome and Assisi provide opportunity to have a glimpse at the new pope, who assumed the office in March, 2013. The third option is visiting the free gathering at St. Peter's square or in the Pope Paul IV Audience Hall every Wednesday morning and summer respectively. In order to attend these events, it is ideal to acquire tickets, which are free and available at the American Embassy for the American citizens. Pope Francis is also accessible through Sunday Angelus at noon in the context of St. Peter's square. For such event, there is no need for the acquisition of tickets….....

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