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In his opinion striving for success, not using Ebonics, and other methods employed by successful African-Americans are no different than what are being used by successful people of many races in America today.

In the same way that people educate their children not to say "aint" or "don't gotta" in their speech so that they will appear to be educated and intelligence, it is time for African-Americans to stop demanding favors and begin reaching for success. If people use the word ain't in their everyday speech they will not find themselves working in the boardroom of large companies. The use of such poor grammar conjures an image of substandard intellect and ability. The world at large accepts this mindset and therefore people who want to be financially successful pride themselves on speaking standard English. It is no different than African-Americans and Ebonics. It is not fair for African-Americans to insist that America suddenly make exception for members of its population who want to use Ebonics in everyday speech and teach it in schools.

African-American parents who want their children to succeed need to spend less time pointing fingers at racists and more time encouraging their children to do their homework, go to college and have productive lives.

It is not that racism is not alive and active in America, it is about refusing to participate in its negativity and instead turning attention to success.

African-Americans who want the world to make exception because they are Black are asking for something that implies they are not capable of success without it. Parents of all races encourage their children to do well in school, accept consequences for their actions and to reach for success in their lives. Statistically if one looks at African-Americans one will note that successful African-Americans did what every other successful person in America does. He works hard, studies hard, stays out of trouble, and becomes successful.
Cosby grew up in an era where racism was extremely accepted without shame. He is old enough to remember being shunned simply because of his color. He has always been an advocate of African-Americans. He provides funds to causes to better the plight of his race, but at the same time he refuses to accept the excuse that racism causes the high rate of teen pregnancy, crime, and high school drop outs that is seen throughout the African-American community. For Cosby they are two separate issues and he will not pretend that those using it as an excuse are not simply being lazy and pointing the finger at the "white man" to avoid any personal responsibility for their failed lives.

Cosby is not saying to ignore government issues when it comes to racism. He believes it is important to "march" for change, however, he thinks the first place that change should take place is in the "hood." Cosby points to the many historically significant African-Americans including Frederick Douglas as examples that it can be done. Reminding listeners that Douglas bribed white educated children to teach him to read and write Cosby wants his people to become committed to education and success.

He wants his race to stop looking at who to blame and start looking at who to emulate. Parents must start promoting the importance of education by attending PTA meetings, keeping up with their children's grades and other actions that denote the pathway to success.

It is by the very educational values and success rates that will follow that will allow African-Americans to affect change in America. Cosby never implied the victim was at fault, he is simply questioning when the victim will stop being victimized and begin to take part in his own recovery process. He is….....

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