Ipa Locker Construction Research Proposal

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Locker Construction

Statement of situation: To manufacture 60 lockers with the IPA to help facilitate ease of use and access for workers and business patrons.

The use of Good Housekeeping and Organization to help smooth the progress of the overall installation of the lockers within the IPA. In addition, the GHO guidelines will help ensure a smooth installation process to better reduce unexpected building costs.

Financial Benefit: Less employee to employee theft within the IPA. With lockers, employees and patrons now have a safe and secure location to place belongings or items. In addition, the lockers can help reduce storage costs associated with bulk items in use within the IPA. Lockers can ultimately increase worker productivity as equipment is stored in a single, secure location. Workers who otherwise are forced to store items in sporadic areas throughout the IPA now have a convenient point of access for important work materials.
This will help reduce unproductive time associated with the travel needed to retrieve items.

Another financial benefit of the lockers include lower energy, waste disposal, and water costs, lower environmental and emissions costs, lower operations and maintenance costs, and savings from increased productivity and health. Energy and water savings can be predicted with reasonable precision, measured, and monitored over time. In contrast, productivity and health gains are much less precisely understood and far harder to predict with accuracy.

To appropriate ascertain the exact amount of price savings from less energy usage, assumptions must be made. Calculating the current financial value of lower future energy consumption requires estimating future energy costs. This is complicated by the changing tariff structures of utilities. For example, electricity rates have climbed steeply over the past several years, in large part due to surcharges mandated by….....

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