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Inventions Revolution

Modern Inventions that Revolutionized American Society

Birth Control Pill

The first birth control pill came into the market in 1960 giving women greater autonomy on their fertility. Within five years of introduction, 6 million American women were using the pill a fact that revolutionized the control for the single, young women . Women felt a greater determination to sexually liberate themselves from the social norms of marital fidelity and chastity. Although women and men were bound by public mores and religious doctrines, men had a loophole to exploit in practicing the moral code. Men could easily practice sexual relations outside of marriage with lesser consequences compared to women .

The advent of the birth control pill changed the matrix by making even the risks and steeply lowering the accidental risk of unwanted marriages following accidental parenthood. Even though, virginity had grown out of fashion with a majority in the society, there still existed the risk of pregnancy. The birth control pill came in as a solution to the discontentment of many women with the double standards the society had presented in favor for men .

The birth control pill has led to significant changes in the American Society by opening up room for women to be sexually active and delay motherhood and marriage. This has made it possible for women to pursue careers in the labor market and improve on their economic well-being . America has seen a surge in professional women that is easily traced back to the advent of the birth control pill. The pill is also acclaimed to have reduced the number of abortions in the society and adversely led to early indulgence in sexual intercourse among the young.
The need for sex education in schools and homes has come as a necessity given the rise in sexual promiscuity in the society .


Barcode may be one of the underrated inventions that have in the recent past significantly revolutionized conduct of business in America . Most of the products produced and sold in the economy have a barcode that enable sale and tracking of commodities in and out of stores. Since their invention, the life of shopper and store keeper has significantly been made hassle free and easy .

The invention came as a measure to automatically keep track of the items sold in a store with ease. In the current state of affairs barcode are used for various measure including inventory purposes in the store . It is possible to combine personal information and come up with reliable trends in consumption. Stores are deploying the barcode data to keep inventory and plan on their capital outlay for purposes of efficiency in service provision .

The payment measures originally requiring personal identification and follow up calls to the banks on credit card details are now a thing of the past thanks to, barcode readers. By scanning the card, all the necessary details about the card holder are availed and swift action can be taken . The store keepers and producers are in apposition to reduce the time it takes to restock a commodity. The need for physical check in the store has been edged out bringing in an automated measure for stock management . The store owners are also in a position to respond swiftly to abnormal demand and also attend to customers with much greater efficiency.

Barcode technology.....

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