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Today's contemporary society, as evidenced in this research is much more open to interracial relationships than were previous generations. It appears that the biggest disadvantage to interracial relationships are the children which are born from these marriages and partnerships in that these children often do not feel either 'black' or 'white' or 'white' or 'Hispanic' and so forth. Today's young people report a high percentage of individuals who have dated interracially and who are open to this type of dating. The issue as pointed out in the work of Jayson (2006) with these individuals is not the common 'color' but the common 'interests ' of individuals that results in interracial relationships. These relationships, as shown by this study are extremely difficult to maintain due to societal pressures and issues.


The conclusions of this study include the conclusion that anyone entering into an interracial relationship should be properly informed of the issues that will certainly arise due to involvement in interracial relationships. The largest issue for consideration is the impact that children have due to being biracial. It is critically necessary that parent's of biracial children inform themselves of the issues which these children face in society and school interactions and that these parents prepare their children to effectively cope with these issues in a successful manner so as to facilitate the child's development as they grow in today's society from the biracial perspective.

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