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Internet Research Project

Using, the search for "accounting education" resulted in about 27,000 hits. One,, is an "information filter" for academic accounting. This portal-type web site contains information on worldwide accounting news, reviews of recent accounting and finance texts, lists of accounting jobs available, and academic positions available which relate to accounting, a database of worldwide accounting and finance conferences and schooling, and a database of accounting journals and publications. It also includes numerous pages of links to just about any kind of accounting information imaginable, and an extensive library of accounting white papers, journal articles, and other accounting information for the public. Visitors can register for the free "Double Entries" newswire newsletter, and a search function that allows visitors to search specific areas of the site for detailed accounting related information. The home page also features a "book of the week," with a new book reviewed each week, and a community forum where members can discuss accounting problems and issues. The site is based in the United Kingdom, and does a good job of pulling together a large amount of accounting information that is useful and educational.
Another hit,, results in a sub-listing of accounting education related links. There are seven "featured" listings, which supposedly advertisers have spent more for to position themselves at the top of the page. These are followed by forty-two links which represent just about anything to do with accounting education, from schools which offer accounting classes, to accounting textbooks available on eBay. The page also includes links to other topics of interest, and a bar of advertisements on the right, which closely resemble the ads that run on on the right. There is also a search function which allows visitors to search the entire site for information, or confine their search only to the accounting education information.

The search of the phrase ACCOUNTING EDUCATION on resulted in 2,520,000 hits. The first hit was, which was previously summarized.….....

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