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If a person is not focused on being culturally aware, he or she can really struggle to get anything done in a culture that looks at business much differently than his or her culture. As a collectivist nation, the Chinese are focused on the organization. The U.S., as an individualist nation, sees business people that are much more focused on themselves. There is nothing wrong with either choice - they are just different choices based on the cultures from which they are derived. One has to take one's time when doing business in China, because there are so many relationships that need to be built and strengthened. It is not customary (or even probable) to sign a contract quickly, for example (Castle, 2011). If a contract is signed quickly, the terms will be changed later because the Chinese business had no real intention of fulfilling the as-is contract at that time. That may seem deceitful to Americans, but it is simply the way things are done in the Chinese culture. 2. According to Daniels, Radebaugh, & Sullivan (2010), negotiations with a company can take years to complete. During that time, there is no work done between the companies and they have not yet formally agreed to anything. They are still in the relationship-building and trust-building stages, and they will stay there until they have sufficiently created that relationship and that trust (Castle, 2011). If an American pushes to finish a deal early or get a contract quickly, that is seen as a lack of faith in the process and the person with which you are negotiating. Chinese people do business with others because they trust those people and feel as though they have a relationship with them (Castle, 2011). If they cannot trust others, they will simply not do business until they feel that trust has been built. For some companies and relationships, that trust (and the resulting business dealings) will not be realized.

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