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I intend to pursue a career in medicine, a career that I regard as a calling as well as an aspiration. My sports activities have disciplined me, toughened me, and honed my competitive instincts in a way that I believe is necessary for pre-medical studies, and later, perhaps, for medical school. I intend to enter the health care field, either a practitioner, or perhaps from a business angle, as I have grown convinced, after seeing my own family's struggle with the bureaucratic aspects of the American medical system, that there is a need for an infusion of compassion and reform into the system from all areas, on the part of administrators as well as doctors.

At present, to give me a strong academic founding for my rigorous college studies in science and business, I am currently enrolled in three AP classes: Calculus AB AP, Psychology AP, and Spanish V AP. I hope these classes will give me a foundation in the sciences, and also sharpen my ability to understand and communicate better with those whom I serve.
Additionally, after speaking with people through my charity work for whom Spanish is their first language, I have grown to appreciate how much speaking in someone's first language can mean to them, and help to establish a sense of comfort between two people.

My desire to enter the field of health care is inspired primarily by my sister, who has Downs Syndrome. She has inspired me to help others through her own personal accomplishments and her determination to overcome every obstacle. I know that it is incumbent upon every person to make the most of his or her life. I once asked my sister what mattered most to her in this world. I expected her to name a favorite toy or food, but instead she just smiled and said, family and friends, making a difference in the world and changing the world from the better. I could not have said it better….....

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