Integrity in Business in Fortune Magazine's Online Essay

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Integrity in Business

In Fortune Magazine's online edition, news about the alleged insider trading case against Rajat Gupta, former Managing Director of McKinsey & Company and board member of Goldman Sachs, have progressed and it had become apparent through federal government evidence that indeed, Gupta has been providing insider information to 'tip off' his personal and business friend Raj Rajaratnam (McDonald, 2011).

The report went on to provide an analysis of what this news means for Gupta's former employer, McKinsey and Company. Discussion on just how trustworthy the consulting firm is given that even its former Managing Director has allegedly been providing information about McKinsey's clients' investment interests and plans was a critical section in the analysis. Interestingly, the news reported that McKinsey was able to retain its clients' trust and that the case against Gupta has been an issue separate from McKinsey, as far as the consulting firm is concerned.
Aside from being a persona non grata in McKinsey, Gupta is considered just another "rogue" consultant who had poor judgment and blurred the lines between what is confidential and what can be shared with friends and family.

The report ended on how, in the end, everything that has happened to Gupta can be blamed entirely on him, and no one else. And in the end, Gupta found himself battling his case alone, without the support of his former employers and colleagues. This lapse of judgment and apparent weakness of integrity in terms of keeping confidential client information is clearly a case of Gupta's poor judgment and weak sense of integrity, therefore Gupta would suffer the consequences alone.

The lapse in judgment and resulting poor integrity that Gupta showed and was illustrated in the news report is a scenario applicable….....

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