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Team Performance

The success of any project depends directly on the performance of a team, how successfully a group of individuals transforms itself in the process, and the steps project managers take to create a strong team foundation. Each of these three factors are analyzed and assessed in this paper.

Making Of A Strong Team

Only by orchestrating the many talents of individuals to a common goal, and by so doing galvanizing a group into a team, can projects succeed. Creating a team from a groups tarts with strong leadership that concentrates on giving each person a clear sense of purpose and identity on the team, and showing how their contributions matter. The success of a project depends in large part on how well a leader can orchestrate the diverse talents of team members to a common goal or objective.
It is also dependent on a leader appreciating and understanding how differences in overall performance on the project is directly related to the level of trust infused in the team.

A group of individuals transform into a team when a leader concentrates on trust and transparency of initiatives, roles and goals. Once a group also sees how each of their unique contributions propel a team towards attaining its project's goals and objectives, the galvanizing effect of shared accomplishment also takes hold. A group can be molded into a team relatively quickly by leaders who quickly assess which team member excels at a given task, and then ensuring that they are given the opportunity toe excel in a role relevant to their strengths. An effective leader also can galvanize a group into a team by concentrating more on….....

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