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The created a need to research and develop a better method of mammography, which lead to the development of the new digital machine.

What is digital mammography?

Conventional film screen mammography uses low energy x-rays that pass through a compressed breast during a mammography examination. The exiting x-rays are absorbed by film (x-ray film) which is then developed into a mammography image that can be held and looked at by the radiologist. With digital mammography, low energy x-rays pass through the breast exactly like conventional mammograms but are recorded by means of an electronic digital detector instead of the film (Digital Mammography Submitted by: Mark Helvie, M.D. ("

This image can be displayed on television styled monitors almost instantly, which provides the screener the ability to manipulate the image while the patient is still in the exam room. If another image is needed it can be done quickly at that time.

The examination feels the same to the patient, with regard to compression and steps taken, however, for the technicians it provides a much more clear picture (Study (http://www.

What the future holds

The future is bright when it comes to mammography technique. The new digital machine provides much better storage capacity for test results. It allows the images to be manipulated. It reduces the number of call back to redo a test and for women who fit certain criteria it provides a better screening method than film images provide.

For the health technicians involved in the field of mammography the digital machine will provide a more accurate, less bulky screening tool which in turn will create a less stressful situation for the patient.



Digital Mammography

Digital Mammography Submitted by: Mark Helvie, M.D.

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