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It is known that the researcher recorded whether or not the subject remembered a given sentence. However, there is no explanation given with respect to partial memory of a sentence. Without that, we can only guess that the researcher used a binary scale (yes/no) to measure whether or not the subject remembered a given sentence.

Schmidt and Williams (2001) conducted a study entitled "Memory for humorous cartoons." The purpose of this study was to further test the effects of humor on memory, this time using cartoons. The research question is basically the same -- what is the effect of humor on memory.
The independent variable was again the humor level of the cartoon. This time the study also used serious cartoons and "weird" ones, adding a further subjective variable into the equation. The response of the subject was again the dependent variable, again as measured by memory. Given that cartoon recall -- in descriptive form -- is significantly more complex than sentence recall, this also adds a level of uncertainty to the responses.

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