Multinational Corporation Is Generically Defined Thesis

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The shareowners are yet another tremendous component of the stakeholders' group. Ford's issues with the stockholders are more complex than those with the employees. For once, new owners have to be attracted in order to increase the company's capital. This implies a necessity for effective management techniques and strong financial results. Then, there is the problem posed by the shareholders in terms of their ability to influence the decision making process. An example in this instance is given by the hypothetical situation in which the Ford executives decide to not pay up dividends, but use the annual profits to cover for previous loses; the shareholders could object to this, and as such not sustain the financial revival of the automobile manufacturer. A final issue with the shareholders is the fact that the sums which are paid to them in the form of dividends is legally perceived as income, rather than debt, meaning that Ford must also pay income taxes on the respective sums.

The last concept to be hereby discussed refers to corporate governance.
In a most simplistic formulation, the notion is understood as the totality of practices, policies, decisions and so on which govern the economic agent in a means that supports not only its desires to reach its objectives, but also governs the relationship with the various categories of stakeholders. Ford's corporate governance is based on numerous principles of transparency, independent and unbiased thinking processes, focus on the satisfaction of the stakeholders' needs and wants, integration of all customers, employees, dealers, invertors and purveyors within one unified system, the offering of high quality products or the support in the development of the automobile industry......

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