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It is caused be the chemical imbalances in the brain and for such illnesses conventional medicines should only be used rather than Hypnosis. The symptoms for schizophrenia include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized behavior and speech (Jeff Gazley). Hypnosis with people diagnosed with schizophrenia can cause severe disruptions and would do more harm than any good.


The effectiveness of Hypnosis was explored in the case of the reduction of pain in osteoarthritis. Patients were involved who were experiencing this pain in either the knee of the hip area. The patients were divided into three groups and each group underwent three options. The first group was put through eight standardized sessions of hypnosis whereas the second group was given the same number of sessions of Jacobson relaxation. The third group served to be a control. After the completion of the sessions, it was observed that the group of patients, who had undergone hypnosis and relaxation sessions, experienced a much lower level of pain as compared to the control group. Comparing the two groups who received hypnosis and relaxation sessions, it was observed that the beneficial effects of the treatment kicked in earlier in the group of patients that underwent hypnosis. Moreover it was also observed that the first two groups, due to reduced pain could now decrease the dosage of the painkiller medications. Hence it was seen that the use of hypnosis in reducing the pain experienced in osteoarthritis was very effective. Such researches on hypnosis had led to an established conclusion that this alternate medicine is remarkably effective to treat many conditions and symptoms.


Hypnosis has been used by people to cure many conditions in the past and is seen widely used by the Egyptians, Greeks and many other civilizations. Even today we indulge ourselves in everyday forms of hypnosis by reading, driving, etc. Although Ben Franklin stated that Mesmer was not the cause of the cure that people were experiencing and it was only their imagination that was curing them, the importance of hypnosis cannot be denied and it is an established fact that alternate medical therapies have their own place and standing and are successful in providing appropriate benefits to those who are suffering from illnesses.

There have been numerous people who have received benefits from the use of hypnosis and there are some who have complained that stage hypnosis triggered schizophrenic symptoms in them (Justice Toulson's Judgment). However apart from stage hypnosis, there have not been any cases of mishaps and hypnotherapy is generally considered harmless. In cases of diagnosed schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression or personality disorders hypnosis should not be considered as an option and for these conventional medicine should be used to cure them (Editorial Team). Apart from these, hypnosis has proved itself to be highly useful in other conditions and people are widely undergoing hypnosis today. Many have been able to quit smoking and other addictions while many have dealt with the problem of being overweight.
People have also benefited high self-esteem and confidence level that have changed them and made them successful in various fields of life.

Although hypnosis can be dangerous if practiced wrong, it should be practiced by the experts and it should be their moral duty not to take advantage of hypnosis for their personal or mischievous gains. It should be practiced strictly for beneficial purposes of the patients only.


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