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Hydraulic Fracturing


Fracking or hydraulic fracturing can be described as a process of drilling deep the earth after which a high pressure water mixture can be directed within the rocks for the gas trapped beneath the sand to be released. The rock is injected with sand, chemical and water at high pressure that will make the gas underneath to flow out on top of the well.

As much as fracking has its advantage to a nation, it also have some negative part of it for example in U.S., it has revolutionized the energy industry, but also prompted environmental concerns.


Through fracking drilling firms are able to access resources which are difficult to reach such as gas and oil. Fracking has helped to significantly boost the U.S. domestic oil production as well as driven down gas prices.
USA has been provided with gas security for about 100 years, this is in addition to an opportunity of generating electricity at a half the CO2 coal emission.

Suggestion from the industry is that fracking of shale gas might have a positive impact to the future energy need of U.S.. Even though the prices of gas may not come down, shale gas is capable of securing energy supplies, (Kevin A. Hassett, Aparna Mathur, 2013). Many reports have associated U.S. economy with the impact of fracking expansion.

For example a study that was done in 2010 by Watson, Considine, and Blumsack of Pennsylvania State University, they applied an input-output model in estimating this natural gas extraction investment within the Marcellus shale region which contributed to about 44,000 jobs to the….....

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