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Human Services

Steve and the Counselor

What has the counselor learned from Steve? Halstead explains that "Empowerment comes from the process of discovering new learning," and in effect what the counselor learned from Steve has empowered the counselor for the future. Empowerment also comes from "enduring the struggle" and "overcoming obstacles" that previously prevented progress (Halstead, 2000, p. 2). The obstacles that Steve had to overcome were huge, and notwithstanding the fact that Steve gave thought to committing suicide, the counselor was motivated along with Steve.

That is, every doctor and psychologist seemed to be telling Steve that he would never graduate because his "obvious limitations" will prevent him from doing so -- and the counselor not only had Steve's back, he was learning about perseverance and resilience along with Steve. The counselor was impressed that Steve went directly to the president of the college -- bypassing all the counselors and instructors on the way -- and that kind of motivation also tended to motivate the counselor. You have to go to the most effective and powerful source in order to get problems solved; that is Halstead's point here.

What behaviors from the counselor may result in changes in the way he conducts his work? The counselor admitted on page 7 of this article that he can "…become lost and uncertain about what I can do to help" because he tended to focus on the "…curse of the tragedy" rather than building a new beginning for the person. His encounter with Steve was "…my own call to learning," he admitted.
The resources the counselor thought he had were tested and as a result of his relationship with Steve, he understands now that he can't be "a travel guide" on "deep personal journeys." Instead of being a travel guide in the future, the counselor expects that he will be "a special type of travel companion" who is "willing to share the client's pain" as well as the client's "new discoveries."

Do most people I come into contact with change me in some way? Absolutely people have a powerful impact on others they meet, especially if the friendship or relationship goes deeper than the superficiality of hanging out or playing soccer together. Everyone that I meet in a serious context leaves some kind of impression on me -- which in some cases results in me altering what I do at least in some small way. For example, as a reporter for the college newspaper, I am intrigued and impressed with stunning achievements against great odds that others have accomplished. I say to myself, if they can do something extraordinary, why not me?

How has Steve changed? The counselor helped Steve see that trying to be "normal" was not the best way to progress, and hence, he focused more intensely on just getting his degree and not trying to be someone he wasn't. He figured out that his ordeal actually made him stronger, and moreover, by making others' lives better, he has a "greater sensitivity to the needs….....

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