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Human Services Research

The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act

The purpose of this project is to inform its readers that human trafficking crimes are becoming more and more salient among the public collective consciousness. As a result of this trend, such crimes are becoming increasingly recognized as a valid subject for the focus of the criminal law. Courts in many jurisdictions are beginning to seek more severe punishments for those criminals who commit such horrendous acts. States all through the United States are beginning to look at their laws as citizens become progressively more involved with the implementation and enactment of human trafficking legislation.

However, at the same time, there is much progress still to be made. Many barriers to effectively dealing with problems associated with human trafficking and prostitution have been hindered by the U.S. Federal Governments strong stance against providing services to anyone who is engaged in the practice of prostitution; either by choice or through force (Deo, 2009). Some of the consequences of such a stance have been the spread of preventable diseases as well as missed opportunities to help some of the affective victims of human trafficking.
Overcoming the momentum imposed by such questionable and seemingly ineffective positions will take the perpetual dedication to constructing public consciousness in a manner that illustrates fully the grave human rights violations that such victims are forced to endure.

The significance of this project to my field is that it stands the potential to become a vital and viable means to draw public awareness to this problems associated with this phenomenon. It also should work to provide those who have developed ethical and moral stances against such practices more evidence to serve as ammunition as they work as an advocate against it. It is also important to work to establish appropriate service to assist the victims of such crimes. This may include, but it not limited to, services such as psychological counseling, financial support, relocation and protection, medical, and job placement….....

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