Human Resource Management's Role Health Care Industry Essay

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Human Resource Management's Role Health Care Industry


Human resources represent the most important cost in many organizations. How effectively a company uses its human resources can have a dramatic effect on its ability to compete or survive in an increasingly competitive environment. HR policies can affect an organization's competitive position by controlling costs, improving quality, and creating distinctive capabilities. This paper will discuss the functions and roles of human resource management in today's healthcare industry.

Human resource management's role health care industry

In today's healthcare Human Resource managers have several different roles. Some of these roles can be difficult. The healthcare industry has made significant changes in the last 10 years and human resource managers have to see the new challenges and come up with ways in dealing with them. Some of these challenges include: job satisfaction, patient care, and cultural conflict (Clark, 2011).

The human resource department works with all employees both new and existing, by helping them fully understand what is expected of them and what the overall goals are to ensure both patient and employee safety and satisfaction. As well as ensuring that employees follow both state and federal laws (Clark, 2011).
The most common functions of the human resource departments are the staffing/recruitment of all employees, retention, training and development. This paper will discuss the functions and roles of human resource management in today's healthcare industry.


The human resource department assist employees with any type of medical or personal needs, such as injury while on the job, maternity leave, death in the family just to name a few. Over the entire Human resource department is the key that keeps the healthcare facility working to its potential. Without this department the facility would not be able to function properly, it would be hard to keep employees, patient care could fall and the facility can eventually lose money (Hauff, 2007).


Staffing and recruitment process can be defined as people apply for jobs by using the paper based applications and resume. The healthcare industry use the traditional methods for recruiting and selection process because they feel that face-to-face interviews play an important for analyzing and choosing the right candidate for the required position (Mejia-Gomez, 2010). Classified advertisement is the method that employers….....

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