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The modern separation from the means of production does not negate the fact that nearly everything we need to sustain us is provided by the earth, either by natural or artificial means. The earth gives us all the materials we need and many we desire and in turn she is changed. She becomes less able with each passing day and each lost natural acre to continue to provide. Though the relationship with the earth, including her flora and fauna are mediated socially, economically, ecologically and culturally, the full force of the impact of the growing human population on the planet cannot be completely reduced or balanced and this is even truer when population growth outstrips available resources. In a bid to reproduce itself and make itself stronger the human race is impeding on the earth and in turn its ability to sustain, the human and natural populations as well as its self. Despite social, economic, ecological and cultural mediation of natural as well as human made forces, population growth is having a negative impact upon the earth.
At the heart of this negative impact, is not only population overgrowth but intensified separation of the individual from the means of production. When we do not know where eggs come from, in any practical way, or how the earth balances itself in a broad way, we are left to others, who we hope do understand to determine the nature of our use, if profit is the most logical drive then the ulterior motive destroys the very thing that sustains.

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