Nursing Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Cervical Thesis

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Preferably, females should be vaccinated before onset of sexual activity. Sexually active females may also benefit from vaccination since there are very few young women are infected with all four HPV types that are targeted by the vaccine. Females who already have been infected with one or more HPV types would still get protection from the vaccine types they have not yet been exposed to. At the present time there is no test available for clinical use to determine whether a female has had any or all of the four HPV types targeted by the vaccine (HPV Vaccine Information for Clinicians, 2008).

The only way to prevent the spread of HPV and reduce the amount of cervical cancer cases that exist is to make the HPV vaccination mandatory. Those who argue against making the vaccination mandatory often claim that providing the vaccine will encourage promiscuity. This was the same argument that was used when schools started providing condoms. Providing condoms in schools has conclusively been shown not to encourage kids to have sex and it is unlikely that giving them some shots for a disease that most of them aren't even worried about will (Boskey, 2007).
If the vaccine isn't mandatory, then sexually active young women who want it may not be able to get it. Parents are normally control the access to healthcare for most teenagers, and a teenager who is hiding her sexual activity is unlikely to ask for a vaccine that her parents are going to associate with sex. This means that they are not going to get the vaccine, and by the time they're 18 and able to make decisions for themselves as many as half of them will already have been exposed to HPV. Mandating the vaccine takes sex out of the question and becomes something that is required for school, and the girls who need it, will get it (Boskey, 2007).

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