Human Ecology Climate Change Article Review

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Human Ecology - Climate Change

Human Ecology -- Climate Change

The article selected for this paper is a book review. The article, "Evert Van de Vliert: Climate, Affluence, and Culture" is a review of the book "Climate, Affluence, and Culture" by Evert Van de Vliert.

Climate has a great effect on the behaviors, social linkages, and sociocultural factors of the societies. This fact is being asserted by the author as he reviews the book.

Global climate is changing in a drastic manner. Global warming or global cooling, all has its effects on the behaviors and living styles of the societies. This is not an old issue. The importance of this fact has been realized since many years. Many studies have been conducted on the topic that deals with the question of how climates and environments can change the behaviors of the people in societies. Many studies have mentioned that negative effects of climate change have been seen on the biological, geological, and ecological systems of the planet. One of the main concerns to date is that lesser studies have actually been able to show with the help of evidence that climate change has had an adverse impact on the societies. Additionally, it has been mentioned that adverse effects of climate change are generally observed at the level of poor countries or low-income communities. Such countries have higher levels of vulnerabilities to the environmental changes and adverse climate changes as compared to wealthier nations.

Before starting the review, the author has presented many additional facts in order to support the main thesis of the paper.
The author mentions that it is a well-known fact that great effect of climate can be seen on the societies on a behavioral scale as well as on a sociological scale. An important fact as mentioned by the author is that the importance of climates and their effects on social behaviors has been investigated since many years. The strength of the article lies in the fact that other than the references taken from the book, the author has added additional references that help in assertion of the main fact. Other than the book, two important references mentioned by the author include Brain Fagan and Jared Diamond. These two authors have conducted studies on the effects that climates and environments on the behaviors of the societies. These references are strongly linked with the main content of the book. As it can be seen, the main concern of the mentioned book is not with the effects of climate change on the societies in an overall manner, but the effects of the climate changes on the cultures being followed in the societies. Cultures are the kind of behaviors being followed within a society. The main concern of the book is how changes are seen in the cultures with changes in the climatic conditions. Author has mentioned the importance of the book and the reason based on which the specific book was chosen for a review. The author in the article is more interested in changes in the cultures of the societies rather impacts on….....

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