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Human Resource Management PBL exercise

Human Resource Management

PBL exercise 1: Taking an HRM job

The cereal company Sanitarium is currently seeking an HR generalist. Sanitarium advertises itself as the company that transformed Australia's eating habits, shifting the tastes of the national palate from traditional 'fry-ups' to more healthy whole grains at the breakfast table. "We were the first to introduce healthy and innovative breakfast foods and soy foods. We promoted plant-based eating before it became trendy, and offered well-being clinics in our cafes throughout Australia. In caring for the health and well-being of all Australians, we have created great breakfast cereal foods, soymilks, spreads and healthy vegetarian foods" (About us, 2012, Sanitarium).

Sanitarium's flagship products include the popular wholegrain staple Weet-Bix, which is currently Australia's best-selling breakfast cereal. Sanitarium emphasizes sustainability in its product offerings as well as good health. It has made a particular commitment to improving the health of Australia's schoolchildren in the wake of the ever-expanding obesity epidemic. "Whether it's Australia's largest kids sporting event, the 'Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon,' the Good Start Breakfast Club for kids in need, or the free health and nutritional advice for all Australians, we're here because we want to make a difference" (About us, 2012, Sanitarium). Its products are free of the types of additives that have been linked to children's hyperactivity in some studies, and many of its products contain heart-healthy soy proteins as their base (Lifestyle, 2012, Sanitarium).

According to its employment advertisement, the human resources

Berkeley Vale manufacturing site manager requires an HR generalist background. The position, officially titled, 'Human resource business partner' will report to the manufacturing manager and "will deliver high quality HR support and advice to the site leaders and their teams. With one direct report your key focus areas include employee relations, recruitment, employee engagement, learning & development and change management" (Tuckwell 2012). Although the position is site-specific, the HR manager also has company-wide responsibilities, as part of Sanitarium's integrated approach to its brand and manufacturing. Sanitarium is clearly a company that has a holistic vision and mission for its product and employees.

As well as a broad, generalist human resources and employment resources background, the position is also said to require "strong influencing skills," in terms of motivating employees, and a high energy level (Tuckwell 2012).
The position is supposed to be highly visible, and requires a self-starting personality. Candidates should also show "resilience and tenacity" (Tuckwell 2012).

Sanitarium attracts me good place to work at because it has such a clear vision and mission. It made a commitment to healthy, wholegrain foods long before such foods were trendy and popular. And what is perhaps even more surprising is that by ignoring conventional wisdom, the company has still managed to be astonishingly successful. Every Australian knows Weet-Bix, and I have often gone through long periods where I eat this product every day. Not only would I enjoy the work, but I also believe in the high quality of the product.

Of course, when a product is extremely successful, one question one must ask is if this success is likely to continue. If the market for the product is mature, will the company continue to grow? This is an important question to ask for a prospective employee who wishes to expand his or her personal prospects and develop as a worker at a company, not to have to look for a job in the next few years. But the issues and concerns that Sanitarium is addressing have become more, rather than less, central to the national consciousness. Sanitarium has made a long-standing commitment to addressing childhood obesity, and the Australian government and consumers have grown more concerned about these issues in recent years, given the escalating obesity rate amongst young people, nation-wide and world-wide.

There is also an increased interest by shareholders and consumers alike in 'green' companies that have environmentally-friendly attitude towards the planet. "Sanitarium values honouring, preserving and caring for our world. In keeping with this philosophy, we conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner to protect the earth and its natural resources, which we share with all humanity" (Our environment, 2012, Sanitarium). Sanitarium makes a commitment to low-impact production and packaging, as well as to providing the healthiest products possible to consumers.

The position is also attractive because it is a high-profile position that allows the candidate to have input about the….....

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