African-American Poetry Studies: The Expression Term Paper

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A cannot live on tomorrow's bread." (Langston Hughs)

The poem of Hughs ends by expressing that freedom comes to be needed by those who are deprived the most of freedom.


In the work of Cullen entitled "Uncle Jim" the entirety of understanding this poem is in the first line which states:

White folks is white," says Uncle Jim" (Countree Cullen)

In just the first line of this poem it is expressed how all the blacks were not ready at the time of this poem for feeling or accepting that they were, just as the white people, Americans.


Many of Sterling Browns first works have been called "...lighthearted narratives...' To be followed by "Bitter Fruit of the Tree" which has been termed to be a "...
spiteful vendetta..." In which he speaks of the suffering of his family, specifically his grandmother and grandfather and his father. Brown speaks of the travesty of justice illustrated in slavery and oppression including violence suffered by the sharecroppers.


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