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And retailers today don't even need four walls. Electronic home shopping, interactive TV, and - as anyone over five years old knows - the Internet. The consumer can choose from virtually hundreds of options" (Witkin, Gary M. 1995).

Lord and Taylor

In order to reach target audiences, retailers use electronic devices such as the Internet. Lord and Taylor uses the Internet to advertise so that they can reach their targeted audience of modern women who are trying to balance career and personal lives. To reach the modern day woman, the company has teamed up Victoria Secret, which has always targeted that particular audience. By targeting this type of customer, they will bring in new generations of modern day women because young females shop together and follow one another.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch targets college-age consumers by centering its advertising on a quarterly magazine-style catalogue featuring lubricious images of toothsome campus types. Those ads have stimulated significant revenue gains as well as heated debate over whether they show too much of the comely models and not enough of the a. & F. brand of shirts, shorts and swimwear (Elliott 1999).
Despite the debate, it is a known fact that sex sells and for targeting college age people, it really captures their attention, which makes them want to buy. It is most likely sitting class reading the magazine. After class, they want to feel freedom by shopping, which makes the magazine a great way to advertise their new look and reach their targeted audience.


Retail companies must know their customers to see what works and what does not. The advertising campaign must speak to and under the everyday person. There would be a lack of business for the company if they did not know their customers.


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