In-House Vs. Outsourced Advertising Outsourcing: Common Business Essay

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in-House vs. outsourced advertising

Outsourcing: Common Business World and Organizational Experiences With Large Growth

The objective of this study is to examine outsourcing in the business world and organizational experiences with large growth and the use of outsourcing. Specifically this work will examine the decision of an organization on whether to use in-house advertising or whether to outsource its advertising.

The decision to conduct in-house or outsourcing advertising is greatly depending on the organization's staffing situation and the advertising and marketing needs. One reports states "Proper in-house advertising and marketing efforts depend largely on having a trained and enthusiastic staff or at least a designated and professional advertising and marketing director who will be responsible for coordinating all efforts and building the firm's image. If you yourself have experience or talent related to advertising and marketing, and know exactly what you need and are looking for in terms of the image you want to create and what type of work is necessary to create and maintain it, then it becomes that much easier for you to find an in-house expert or to train your staff to support your own in-house efforts. " (Explaining Advertising and Marketing Concepts to the Masses, 2012, p.1) However, it is also stated that for the organization that is unfamiliar with the basics of advertising and marketing then the organization will do best by outsourcing these initiatives at least on a temporary basis.

I. Considerations for Outsourcing Advertising

Considerations that are present when deciding whether to outsource advertising for the organization include the size of the business.
Also a consideration is the type of advertising and marketing needed. For example "If a business depends on media and traditional advertising, usually a full-service agency that includes a media buying department is necessary so that proper placement of advertising is achieved. Marketing events are best handled by an events planning agency, as special expertise is often needed to ensure the success of such events." (Explaining Advertising and Marketing Concepts to the Masses, 2012, p.1) It is stated however that is the primary form of advertising and marketing is such as online and social media advertising " it is often best handled at least partially in-house, where only the most technical aspects of search engine optimization and social media optimization are outsourced." (Explaining Advertising and Marketing Concepts to the Masses, 2012, p.1) The outsourcing firm will optimally " train in-house staff to maintain the techniques which it has put into place, thereby providing greater cost efficiency and effectiveness." (Explaining Advertising and Marketing Concepts to the Masses, 2012, p.1) There are a great deal of design and production of printed advertising material and promotion items for marketing campaigns reported to be such that can be handled by the organization in-house when the organization has the assistance of online print and design sites. (Explaining Advertising and Marketing Concepts to the Masses, 2012, paraphrased) In reality, the decision whether to handle advertising in-house or to outsource advertising is reported as being dependent on whether the organization feels that it can "properly set up an in-house advertising and….....

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